Element Fire
Int/Ext Small Intestine
6 Channel Hand Shao Yin
Time (Local) 11:00 - 13:00
Back Shu BL15
Front Mu CV14
Yuan-Source H7
Luo-Connecting H5
Xi-Cleft H6
Entry|Exit H1 | H9
L.Confluent -
Five Shu
Jing-Well Wood H9 Full below Heart; Mental
Ying-Spring >> Fire << H8 Heat
Shu-Stream Earth H7 Heavy; Bi
Jing-River Metal H4 Asthma; Fever; Throat
He-Sea Water H3 Reb. Qi; ST; Yang-Fu
Four Needle Technique

Korean Sa Am Chim

To Tonify Tonify LIV1 Horary of Mother
H9 Mother
Reduce K10 Horary of Control
H3 Control
To Reduce Tonify K10 Horary of Control
H3 Control
Reduce SP3 Horary of Son
H7 Son
Dr. Chen's Six Channel Technique

Female - Right-side 1st; Male - Left 1st

Right 1st H7, H3 Problem Ch
Left 2nd SI3, SI11 Zang Fu
Right 3rd K3, K10 6 Channel
Left 4th BL65, BL40 6 Chan Zang Fu